Villarentturkey: 10 Reasins to choose Mea Villa

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Guaranteed, uncomplicated and fast remuneration of rent payments

Mea Villa offers home owners a variety of contracts with clear contractual conditions that ensure successful partnerships.

Owner management option: You or your representative welcome guests and do the caretaking. With this option you will only incur the annual processing fee, as well as some minor administrative costs. Of course administration costs are only applicable if Mea Villa has actually procured reservations for you.

Mea Villa `s Full Service option: Mea Villa provides a comprehensive care-taker service for a fee. This fee varies depending on the country, region and type of property. In accordance with the respective contract, the annual Mea Villa processing fee and any administrative charges will be deducted from the agreed rent.

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Excellent occupancy rate

Through our international network, your holiday property can be booked worldwide through  travel agencies. This will benefit your occupancy thanks to the diverse country-specific travel trends. In addition, your property can be booked directly online by clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That's how the Mea Villa reservations network guarantees you excellent occupancy rate.

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Over 26 years' industry experience

Mea Villa is one of the leading holiday home rental agencies inTurkey. As a pioneer in our field with over 26 year’s experience, we can guarantee the security of a professional and efficient business.

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We've got Turkey`s most popular holiday destinations covered

Mea Villa is a contracting partner inTurkeyfor Interhome, Thomson, Wolters, Novasol, Thomas Cook, Style and Ferioo. Mea Villa to best meet your requirements and those of your guests. What's more, Mea Villa has customer service offices in Turkey`s most popular tourist destinations.

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On site contact person

Wherever there's a Mea Villa service office, your holiday home will be managed by experienced personnel all year round. We'll even check on your property when it's not being rented and we will welcome guests on your behalf. Of course, you or your representative may receive the guests yourself if you prefer.

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Vast international network

Our customers are as international as our sales network – and many have become loyal regulars. Along with our high number of long-standing owners, it's a very positive proof of our reliability.

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Worldwide marketing activities

As part of our international marketing activities we annually invest several thousand Euros in the professional Web –Technology, XML and HTML. Incur by these techniques to Channel Manager, Expedia, connections, etc.
Mea Villa is active and present in all important markets, all year round.

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Owners place their confidence in Mea Villa

Over 1.600 holiday home owners are also Mea Villa customers – and this figure is constantly growing, with more than nights in Mea Villa holiday accommodation each year.

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Complete transparency

Mea Villa keeps their clients constantly up to date with current business figures and relevant news, communicating directly and transparently on all levels – from management through to your on-site contact person.

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Multilingual for owners and guests

Whether in your country of residence or that of your holiday home, we speak English and German. Your Mea Villa contact person will understand just what you want. The same goes for our guests - whether they're at home or holidays.